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At EDIT we design, sell, install, repair, calibrate and certify marine automation systems.

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On board Services

Our technical engineers can install, calibrate, inspect and certify your marine automation systems anywhere in the world.

Extended List of Services provided during your ships Drydock & Annual Surveys.

Authorized Fellow Kogyo Engineers 

We are authorized distributors and service engineers for Fellow Kogyo in Greece and Cyprus. 


Your 24/7 Marine Automation Support System

You can contact a member of our team on a 24/7 basis wherever you might be in the world. We offer our clients continuous support and step-by-step solutions for their safety challenges.


Seminars on ship automation systems such as pneumatic and electropneumatic systems, 15 ppm Oil Content Meters, Oxygen Analyzer systems and Gas Detection Systems.

Our Products

We sell OCM 15-ppm bilge alarms, paperless data recorders, shipbuilding and engine equipment and so much more, click to see the full range of the products we offer.

Our Partners

Fellow Kogyo

Established in 1969, developing environmental monitoring devices and many measuring instruments on board a vessel contributing to the protection of the environment by helping make our oceans and seas safe according to the latest strict MARPOL standards, MEPC 107 (49).


SIMEX is manufacturer and supplier of industrial automation equipment and has over thirty years of experience in the field. The design and manufacturing of their products incorporates the latest  developments in microprocessor and SMT technologies, resulting in reliable and high quality products. 


KOMECO is an OEM company that designs and manufactures monitoring device controllers and control panels necessary in medium and large sized diesel engines and power generation facilities for land and marine use and supplies the manufactured products to domestic and
international shipbuilding yards and engine manufacturers.

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From Bridge to Engine room…

No matter your vessel’s type, we can support your ship’s automation needs from bridge to engine room.

Over 1000 vessels’ automation systems have been inspected, certified, repaired and calibrated.

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Your Preferred Marine Automation Partner. At EDIT we design, sell, install, repair, calibrate and certify marine automation systems.

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