On-board Services

Our team of authorized and certified service engineers can install, calibrate, inspect, repair and certify your automation systems onboard regardless of maker and type.

We offer


Certified services for your marine automation systems by world-class engineers that can attend your vessel wherever it may be in the world. 


Ensuring that your vessel will be in optimal working condition and compliant with the latest MARPOL safety regulations – saving you money and off-hire time.



Upon request – we can install or replace your automation system on-board your vessel.


we can help determine your automation system’s current problem, then after we have diagnosed the issue, we will proceed to rectify it by repairing or replacing your system.

During your vessel’s Annual Surveys

having less time restraints, this is an optimal opportunity to inspect and certify your automation systems with interfering with your vessel’s trading pattern.

During Dry Docking

As more time is provided we can offer an extended list of services for the majority of your automation systems.
To cut costs and time, our team conducts a preliminary pre-drydocking evaluation, optimally one month prior to drydocking, of all of the automation systems onboard. That way they can be better prepared and order beforehand any spare-parts that might be needed.



We can offer our services for the following systems onboard your vessel


  • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System by KOMECO
  • De-Watering System
  • OWS (Oily Water Separator) Key Switch and Monitoring
  • Water Tight Door System by KOMECO
  • Water Ingress System
  • New Installation

Cargo Control Room

  • AUS (Automatic Unload System)
  • Ballast Tank Monitoring system
  • Cargo – Ballast Pumps System
  • Cargo Tank Monitoring System
  • Drafts Monitoring System
  • Gas Ballast Monitoring System
  • Gas Detection Monitoring System
  • Gas Portable Instruments
  • High and Overfill Alarm System
  • IGS Paperless Recorder (Oxygen – Pressure – Temperature)
  • Manifold Monitoring System
  • ODME (Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment)
  • UTI (Ullage Temperature Interface Detector)
  • Vapor Emission and Oxygen Monitoring System
  • New Installation

Engine Control Room

  • Axial Vibration Monitor by KOMECO
  • Automatic Valve Control
  • Auto Drain System for Air Bottle (7 – 40 bar)
  • Bilge Alarm System
  • Boiler Safety Control and Monitoring System
  • Dead Man Alarm System
  • Flow meter Coriolis (Mass Flow) Monitoring System (ATEX EX)
  • Generator Engine Automatic Control System by KOMECO
  • Incinerator Safety and Control System
  • Inert Gas Safety Control and Monitoring System
  • Marine Propulsion Engine Control and Monitoring System by KOMECO
  • MGO – HFO (Marine Gas Oil – Heavy Fuel Oil) Changeover System
  • M/E Maneuvering System
  • M/E Temperature and Deviation Monitoring System
  • M/E Bearing Wear Condition Monitoring System by KOMECO
  • Monitoring Alarm System
  • OCM (Oil Content Meter) 15ppm bilge alarm by FELLOW KOGYO
  • Oil Mist Detector System
  • Propeller Tacho System by KOMECO
  • Salt Content Meter System by Fellow Kogyo
  • Shaft Power Meter System by KOMECO
  • Turbo Air Compressor Control System by KOMECO
  • Vibration Compensator System by KOMECO
  • Viscometer by YOKOGAWA
  • Valve Remote Control System
  • Water In Oil System

Other Systems

  • Engine Safety and Control System for Drillship & Offshore by KOMECO
  • Drillship Generator Engine Automatic Control System by KOMECO
It all starts at our certified laboratory in Piraeus…

equipped with:

Certified Portable Instruments for use on-board vessels during troubleshooting, Annual Inspections and Drydocking: HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Protocol Communication Devices, Pneumatic Calibrators, Temperature Calibrators and Multimeter Devices.

Certified laboratory for OCM -15 ppm bilge alarms for simulation and calibration of oil content meters by all types and makers – specializing in Fellow Kogyo Oil Content Meters as an authorized distributor and service engineer

Certified laboratory for Pneumatic/Electropneumatic device simulation by Bosch Rexroth

Year of Establishment

A well trained, well organized team focusing on making your vessel run problem free.

Accident free Work Hours

Our management team carries 88 years of combined experience in the maritime sector.