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SIMEX is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial automation equipment and has over thirty years of experience in the field. The design and manufacturing of their products incorporates the latest developments in microprocessor and SMT technologies, resulting in reliable and high quality products.

In the marine automation industry, their products have many applications capable of ensuring smooth, efficient and trouble-free running of your vessel, bypassing the need for many costly pieces of equipment necessary in traditional style of process control. All in all, they offer products that are an investment for the future you can’t afford to miss.



CMC-99 Paperless Data Recorder with your Inert Gas System

SRD-99 X Paperless Data Recorder with your FOCAS Oil Content Meter-a match made in heaven!



Giving our customers the ability to enhance the way they monitor their vessel’s automation systems

We like to provide our customers with sustainable solutions that can make their lives onboard safer, easier and more cost efficient by offering them technologically advanced products through the SIMEX range.

Enhancing your more conventional marine automation systems onboard with paperless data recorders- using technologically advanced products that are easy to program and are able to bypass costlier and more cumbersome equipment.

We offer:

  • Programming of your SIMEX devices by our service engineers using indications and parameters that best suit your needs onboard
  • Customer Training on the basic functions and Programming of SIMEX paperless data recorders
  • Upgrading your current conventional marine automation systems with technologically advanced programmable products
  • 24/7 Troubleshooting Services
  • Original Spare Parts


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Digital industrial meters constitute the largest family of automation equipment, ranging from the simplest meters that are designed only to display basic parameters such as working states or physical quantities (temperature, level, pressure etc.), to more complex control units having a number of relay outputs. Depending on the type of signal measure or sensor used, the equipment can have inputs for current, voltage, millivolts or even be adapted to suit an RTD temperature sensor or thermocouple

Current / voltage
BCD / RS-485
Test sets
Humidity and temperature

  • Paperless
  • Recording systems
  • Accessories

The family of counters is very wide and finds numerous and varying application. From the most popular and the simplest one – progress counters – to the most advanced – counters working with other devices such as encoders, sensors etc.

Four main groups of counters

  • Electronic – these counters are designed to count impulses that represent specific physical quantities, such as the number of completed rotations, blows, strokes, travel, as well as completed data, products, activations, etc.
  • Flow – this counters with suitable flowmeters enable the measurement of the current value of flow, as well as drawing up a balance ratio.
  • Tachometers – the number of impulses in a time unit enables the display of rotational speed.
  • Timers  a separate family of counters involves time-meters, such as chronographs, clocks etc.

Every automation system has a lot of analog measure points. One has to provide them to controllers. As you can see all kinds of different sensors and physical quantities transducers are the most important elements of the system.

In our offer we have the following devices:

  • Humidity and temperature sensors
  • Temperature transmitters – designed to convert the results of temperature measurement, using a Pt sensor or thermocouple, at the standard current value of 4-20mA.
  • Level switches – it works by detecting the presence of a liquid and/or loose material within the area of the sensor, triggering the sensor’s response and sending a signal.
  • Angle sensors – designed to provide a stationary angle measurement in two axes, perpendicular to the vector of gravitational acceleration and to each other.
  • Serial transmitters – based on multi-point communication modules, using the Modbus RTU bus, allow to inspect process parameters.

Converters constitute a separate family. They act as intermediate equipment between various standards of digital interfaces. The digital automation equipment is usually based on the RS-485 standard as the basic transmission system, regardless of the actual protocol. PC computers, on the other hand, are most commonly used as HMI or master stations, typically equipped with RS-232 or USB connections. These standards are incompatible and it is required to use an appropriate converter to provide a conflictless coupling of these different interfaces.

Impulse power supplies are designed to be mounted on a DIN bus having a diameter of 35mm, in industrial automation systems, power engineering systems, industrial protection systems and also in security systems. They are characterised by their ergonomic design, high efficiency, broad range of working temperatures (-20°C to 60°C), general-purpose AC supply voltage in full range, and protection systems against short-circuits, overvoltage, overloading and thermal shock.

  • development of firmware strictly according to the customer requirements,
  • development of PC class software to support the equipment configuration,
  • development of visualization and database software to integrate the equipment in operational test and measurement networks,
  • modifications of existing software according to the customer’s wishes.

Isolators are designed for galvanic separation of the input and output measuring circuits. They convert the standard input signal into standard output signal. Use of isolator reduces the influence of object-originated interferences, protects against overvoltages and short-circuits in field circuits and allows matching of various signal standards. A significant advantage the isolators have over the barriers is such that they do not need to be earthed and are fully immune to interference.

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