Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

The Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (hereinafter referred to as BNWAS) is a system used to prevent marine accidents that can occur from sleepiness or lack of night bridge navigators.

? BNWAS follows IMO Resolution MSC 128 (75) to set certain time. If reset input by the night bridge navigator does not occur within the time setting or motion is not detected by the motion sensor installed in the bridge. smooth navigation is maintained by sending out visual display and auditory alarm.

? BNWAS has become mandatory for all ships since July 2011. By applying the NMEA0183 network protocol (electrical interface and data protocol for communications between marine instrumentation) standardized by IEC 61162-1. information is smoothly shared with existing ship equipment to receive alarm input signals from bridge equipment on top of simple bridge alarms. The alarm is sent out through the alarm devices in the cabins of backup night navigator and captain to prevent marine accidents.

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? Display Unit
Model : MU-K7000
LCD : 5.6″ TFT-LCD
Pixel : 320 X 240
Communication : RS-232c(Data Back-up)

? Main Distribution I/O Unit
Model : MIO-K7000
Input : Autopilot. Reset signal. Motion detection signal
Output : Visual/ Audible Alarm(Max. 11EA) Relay contact signal for VDR/AMS(2ch)
Communication : NMEA-0183(2ch)

? Extended I/O Unit
Model : EIO-K7000
Input : Navigational equipment alarm signal(16ch)
Navigational equipment alarm signal with mirroring(4ch)
Alarm stop signal from Navigational equpment(4ch)
Output : Mirrored alarm signal to navigational equipment(4ch)
Buzzer stop signal to navigational equipment(4ch)
Connection : Max. 4 set

? Communication Module
Model : ECM-K7000
Connection : Max. 2 set
Communication : NMEA-0183(4ch)

? Sound Unit
Model : SU-KC1F : Flush mount type
SU-KC1W : Wall mount type

? Reset Unit
Model : RU-KB3F : Wheel house flush mount type
RU-KB3W : Wheel house wall mount type
RU-KB1F : Wheel house flush mount type. Dimmable
RU-KB2W : Wheel house wall mount type. Dimmable
RU-KW1F : Bridge wing flush mount type
RU-KW1W : Bridge wing wall mount type

? Power Supply
Model : JWS 150-24/508(Option)

? Motion Detector
Model : PIS-700(Option)