Training & Development

Training focuses on promoting each person’s strengths by offering access to the right tools which in turn promotes not only personal growth and development but overall job satisfaction and team productivity.

At EDIT we want to offer our customers the right tools that can help them achieve higher team productivity goals by offering theoretical and practical (hands-on) workshops seminars and training for onshore and offshore personnel.

The workshops can be tailored to our customer’s respective needs on a wide array of ship automation systems:

  • Oil Content Meters
  • Oxygen Analyzers
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Pneumatic and Electropneumatic systems


Training Courses

We support you after the initial sale and installation of your automation system. As authorized Fellow Kogyo Service Engineers and certified engineers by Bosch Rexroth for Electropneumatic and Pneumatic systems, we can offer continuous training and development of your crew and staff.

Free OCM Basics Training

Duration: 30 mins
Place: At your company’s premises

Our authorized and certified Fellow Kogyo service engineers will demonstrate in a 30-minute condensed seminar how the correct use of your OCM (regardless of type and maker) can help you avoid costly fines and penalties for your company and crew.

Training Outline

  • basic functions,
  • best practices
  • tips on the correct use
  • maintenance of your oil content meter – 15 ppm bilge alarm. 

Two of the most widely used 15 ppm bilge alarm units will be used for the demonstration.

FOCAS -2000 OCM Training

Duration: 2 hours + Q&A
Place: At our workshops in Piraeus or your company’s offices

Training Outline

  • Product Overview & Product Specs
  • Preparing for Operation & Operation
  • Settings
  • Maintenance
  • System Checks
  • Calibration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Service Parts
  • Q&A

Training on Automation Systems

Duration: 7 hours
Place: at our workshop in Piraeus.

Training Outline

  • Basic functions of pneumatic/electropneumatic systems
  • Intro and basic functions of Fixed Gas Systems
  • Calibration of Automation Systems
  • Basics, Best Practices and functionality of Oil Content Meters -15 ppm bilge alarms
  • Q&A

Contact EDIT today to have us design your bespoke Automation training program.