Authorized Fellow Kogyo Service Engineers

EDIT is an authorized distributor of Fellow Kogyo products for Greece and Cyprus. Our technical engineers have been trained and certified at the Fellow Kogyo training center in Tokyo.

Fellow Kogyo may have started out in 1969 as a company that manufactures and sells level switches. However, since then it has evolved into a world-renowned manufacturing company especially well known for its high-quality oil content meters.



FOCAS-2000 is the latest, most technologically advanced model and compliant with MEPC 107 (49) regulations. This model has fully automated features and apart from the standard 15 ppm alarm it is equipped with at least 4 other alarms, including a 5 pmm alarm feature. Ensuring your unit’s readings are safe at all times and limiting any attempts to tamper with the sensors.  

FOCAS-1800 is a newer model and is compliant with MEPC 107 (49) regulations ensuring that your product is protecting the environment and keeping our seas safe. The unit has a continuous measuring system equipped with an alarm when readings surpass the 15 ppm oil content level.

FOCAS-1500 C is the oldest model of the 3 and is no longer being manufactured by the company. This basic oil content meter is compliant with MEPC 60 (33) regulations and measures the concentration of bilge in the vessel’s oil water separater (OWS). It comes equipped with an alarm which is sounded when the oil content exceeds the 15 ppm level restriction.

After Sales Support

We support our client’s after the initial sale and installation of your Fellow Kogyo product. As an authorized Fellow Kogyo Service Engineer we can offer continuous after sales support from on-board calibration, certification and repairs up to providing you with any spare parts needed.

On-board Services

Our authorized technical engineers fly all over the world to install, calibrate, repair and certify your Fellow Kogyo unit quickly and cost efficiently.

Original Spare Parts

Part of our after sales support is making sure you have access to the full range of original Fellow Kogyo spare parts that will ensure your vessel’s systems keep running smoothly.

Customer Training

Our team of authorized Fellow Kogyo engineers offers our clients the opportunity to train their crew and onshore personnel with workshops on the basic functions and best practices of a number of FK products.


Our team of authorized Fellow Kogyo engineers offers continuous support for your FK products with 24/7 continuous service support via e-mail or telephone.

Years of Experience

As authorized FK service engineers and suppliers

Years of Experience

In providing services and products for marine automation systems