We are Authorized Service Providers & Suppliers for Fellow Kogyo in Greece and Cyprus.

Fellow Kogyo is a manufacturer of level meters, level switches, flow meters, and oil content meters. They provide safe and reliable products that are compliant with the highest international environmental standards for both the marine and industrial industries.  

The company started its journey by manufacturing and selling level switches.  Since then they have evolved into a world-renowned company especially well known for their high-quality oil content meters for the shipping industry.


Part of their philosophy is providing the customer with a seamless experience from the manufacturing phase of their products up to the sale and after-sales support they offer through their representatives worldwide.

Brief History

The company was established in 1969 in Tokyo, Japan. They started out by developing and manufacturing an electrostatic capacity type level meter. Since then they have developed a wide array of level meters, level switches, and flow meters with their most notable and successful product to date being the FOCAS oil content meters.

They received type approval of FOCAS-1200 oil content meter from English Marine Association, DOT in 1979.

The company then goes on to develop another well-known product in 1980 the salt content meter for water creator LID-3.

Towards the end of 1980, they obtain type approval for oil content meters for ships, namely FOCAS-1500 and FOCAS-1200 from the USSR.

The FOCAS-1500 A obtains type approval in 1982 from many traditional European shipping countries with Greece being one of them.

Today, the company has fully compliant with MEPC107(49) regulations oil content meters, namely the FOCAS-1800 and FOCAS-2000.

The FOCAS 1800, 15 ppm bilge alarm was released in 2005 and the more advanced and fully automated FOCAS 2000 bilge alarm was released in 2012.